A New Year of Habits Worth Working For

7:24am, January 1st, 2014. I sit in the peace and quiet of snowy Huntsville, Ontario, where I’m spending a week with my girlfriend’s family. I attempt to maintain the early morning tranquility as her two tornados of cousins, one seven and one eight, explore the world of Youtube videos and online games on their newest Christmas presents, iPad Mini’s.

            A New Year, and better control over my life, can those two things go hand in hand? In these first handful of 2014 hours I can not say either way, but as the sun rises over the snow-covered lake out the window down below, I really do have a sense of hope.

           The year of 2014 is chocked full of question marks, and by the end of this year, my goals will have been tested, and the path towards the life I hope to live will be clear. This year is not just about myself though – thinking that way is how problems have so often arisen. For the big decisions and the day-to-day thrills, there are a number of others who participate in the fast-paced circus act that is my life. My girlfriend Becky is the biggest participant in the actions and decisions that make up my life, and I hope me in hers. Her 2014 will be even more intriguing than mine, with university graduation, job offers, and an incurable travel bug.


            In 2014, I have decided to do things differently. I will take organized action, while considering not just what gets me excited, but the quality of the things that I do. I will run more, write more, hopefully read more, but more than just the typical goals, 2014 will be the year of healthy personal habits. This means many different things, some of which I am sure I have not yet figured out, but I am turning the focus inwards, in order to be a better person outwards. I am not perfect, nor am I completely disciplined, but I do think I have enough discipline to practice goal-setting, habitual good work, and self-critique for the next 365 days. This is an attempt to form habits worth keeping, while working towards the life I dream of, doing things everyday that make me excited.

            If you are interested in my year of healthy habits, and the day-to-day stories that result from my battle for habitual normalcy in a world of chaotic order, keep your eye out for tomorrow’s blog post.

            In the next blog post, I will begin my ‘Annual Review,’ the second of a year’s worth of 500 words-or-less posts that are as much about me as they are about you, someone looking for excitement in a world of chaotic order. Based on the wonderful work of Chris Guillebeau, the Annual Review will be a look back on what worked in 2013, what did not, and what my goals are for 2014.


Cheers to a new year, full of love, life, and opportunity.          


Peace and love from Huntsville,



6 Comments Add yours

  1. George Woodhouse says:

    Your words omit a certain calmness Taylor. Wonderfully written!
    In the words of my buddy’s step dad, “if we fail to plan, we plan to fail”.
    God speed you and your goals my good friend this year. – George

    1. George, my friend, as always, thank you for reading, your ability with words is incredible

  2. Chris Glover says:

    Excellent post! I’m looking forward to reading about what is next.

    I wish you all the best in achieving your goals!

  3. Best wishes for 2014 Taylor and good luck with your project. A key for success might be keeping it simple since the experts say it takes about 13 weeks of consistency to turn a new action into a new habit! As part of your new healthy lifestyle, remember that creativity needs fuel as much as your mind and your body. I recommend the once a week “artist’s date” with yourself that Julie Cameron recommends … once a week, do something you have never done before and do it all by yourself, not with friends … an activity, a food, a new reading genre, an art gallery, a music concert, a walk you’ve never done before.
    Happy new year!

  4. Love Chris’ Annual Review! I finally posted my own this year too! 🙂

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