What Didn’t Work: The Self-Critique

Day 3 in a year of change, and although the year is only 2 days old, it has already been full of lots of weather-related adventure. Southern Ontario’s highways yesterday were like driving around on a series of ‘slip ‘n slides,’ and then our flight to Halifax got cancelled last night with a blizzard hitting the East Coast. Hopefully Becky and I will make it back to snowy Halifax sometime soon, but only time and Air Canada’s finest will tell.

Today’s post is the second, and maybe most important, of my Annual Review posts, “What Didn’t Work Well in 2013.” To honestly look back at What Didn’t Work Well is a difficult thing to do, as I don’t think I am alone in trying to avoid seeing some of the failures I have experienced. I think to some extent it is human nature to celebrate our successes, and sweep our failures under the metaphorical rug. I have tried my best, thinking long and hard about the past year from the ‘critical lens’ that those 3 years of university has taught me so much about. I suggest reading the list and then thinking critically about your own last year, and what didn’t work as well as you would have hoped. Then tomorrow’s post will turn that list into actionables for 2014, so get ready!

 What Didn’t Work Well

– I relied too much on others to give me jobs, I need to take the initiative more if I am really going to be involved in a project

-My focus is all over, I need to focus on just a couple things, and do them really well

-I need to focus on family and close friends, electronic birthday cards and gift cards are not good enough

-Too much clutter, too many emails in my life taking up some of my most productive early morning time

-I had to apologize too many times based on things I said to authority figures. I need to think before I speak or send an email; respecting authority can sometimes be a good thing (I can’t just accuse a university administrator of being a liar in front of all the university administrators, even if I believe it’s true)

-Blog vs. the fall semester = fall semester 1, blog 0. I may have focused on school, but doing that made me forget about things I value with a lot of importance, like this blog

-I didn’t give myself the same respect as meetings or events in my calendar, I tried scheduling personal blocks of time, but that failed miserably, I did not respect those time slots at all

-Running is not a part of my everyday life; I need to work it in, even when I am at my busiest

-I didn’t follow up with DASSS executive consistently, it is my job to keep everyone on track and provide them with reminders, I didn’t do enough of that in 2013


Peace and love from Toronto’s Pearson Airport,




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