Achieving Everyday Awesome: A Year of Goals



Home, sweet home. After hours of getting on and off a plane and having a multitude of opportunities to taste Toronto Pearson Airport’s finest cuisine, my girlfriend Becky and I were crammed onto a plane with 400+ other stranded customers for the short 2 hour flight into the remnants of the East Coast blizzard. But hey, being home is a wonderful feeling after 3 weeks spent living our own version of the Amazing Raze Canada, lugging heavy bags across Canada visiting family for the holidays. 

Thank you for everyone that has read and commented on my last couple blog posts. The first two posts were looking back at 2013, to what worked and what didn’t in my life last year. After taking the time to try to do the most honest self-critique I could, I am now looking forward, in this post turning my self-critique into actionable goals for 2014. For me, it’s not about resolutions; it’s about daily habits. Cutting through the clutter of my everyday life I am hoping to make changes I have thought about for a long time, but never taken action on. Chronicling my yearlong journey of change, habit development, travel, opportunity, and some super important life decisions through my blog will help me stay accountable, even when life gets busy. I tried to make my 2014 goals focused on the everyday – the school days, the work days – because if the everyday isn’t awesome, then what is life all about? 


2014: My Year of Everyday Living 

-I am going to think before I speak during the everyday, and be the positive person that I really am, not a critical university student. I need to internally critique first to create more value in the words that come out.

-Write the birthdays of family/close in my calendar; and send birthday cards two weeks before! Want to help me achieve this goal? Post your birthday in the comments, and I will (hopefully) send you a birthday card!

-Write 1000 words/day, that’s 7000 per week, a lot of words but easy enough if I commit to it. I will write half personal (blog, journal) and half academic (work, academic), and hopefully my writing skills will improve over the year

-Weekly and monthly reviews of all these goals, in the form of a coffee date with myself

-Maintain a resume document, weekly updated on Fridays, as I often forget the things I’m working on when I need to apply for something

-Schedule check in’s with friends

-Schedule time to look for new opportunities

-Can I respect personal time on my calendar? This needs to become habit

-I will create a running schedule to put a little structure around my unplanned runs

-Efficient work can be done two weeks before, not two days before. I need to simply make important work the first thing I do in a day, I can’t let the emails and an infinite number of online news articles invade

Peace and love from home in Halifax,


Just like the kindergarten kids who’s graduation I attended while living in Ethiopia this summer, I am determined to live with endless optimism, play in the mud more, and achieve greatness in the next stage of my life.




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