10 Goals, 10 Days In

One week gone in 2014, and I am amazed at how long (in a good way) this first week has felt. Conversations, classes, meetings, and moments of complex confusion matched with moments of clarity. This is my first ‘regular’ post of 2014. Looking back at the last 10 days, the goals I set for myself seem more important now than ever before. The idea of committing to actions that will make me happy in my everyday life is something that is easy to do over the holidays. When 5.5 upper year university classes and 4 part-time jobs occupy my everyday, it is those goals and making them priorities that have kept me focused on what is important in 2014.

So, in the last week, here is what I have been up to. I helped run sessions at a fantastic International Student Orientation, wrote every day, listened to all sorts of Cajun music (as I am also doing while sitting here writing), went for a couple icy cold runs, and have had conversations that have greatly changed my view on what I should do with my life next year. I haven’t run as much as I had hoped to at this point, but I went for 3 early morning weekday runs, which isn’t a terrible start. A city that most mornings has looked like one giant outdoor skating rink has proven for some cautious running though. I have put writing in front of running on my priority list, but going forward, both of those things can realistically live on my everyday to-do list. Oh, and myself and my girlfriend sent, “Merry January”/thank you cards to family all across the country, going through a ton of stamps in the process.

So hey, life is back to normal, whatever that may mean, and I have been able to do a decent job of keeping up with most of my goals. What’s next? Who knows, I will try to keep my discipline going so that all those new fun ideas become habits.

If you are wondering what is next for this blog, this chronicled journey, I will blog once a week, at the end of the week, and will always post in 500 words or less, as I want to make my blog as accessible to those who might just have a couple minutes to sit down in front of a screen and give the latest post a read. I will blog about life, great books, frustrations, excitements, travel adventures, and my journey towards a life of ‘everyday awesome.’

The next blog post should be coming to you straight from an airport in Canada, Europe, or India. I leave next Thursday for the ‘Development Dialogue,’ a social entrepreneurship and development conference in Hubli, India. The first big adventure of 2014 is coming, now to get done my assignments for the week of class I will be missing while in India, and hopefully my Indian visa will arrive ASAP!

Peace and love,


Just like this mountain of old gas barrels in the mountains of Eastern Ethiopia, for right now, my life is in a precariously well-balanced state
Just like this mountain of old gas barrels in the mountains of Eastern Ethiopia, for right now, my life is in a precariously well-balanced state

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