Sometimes We Fail: The Halfway Mark

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” –Michael Jordan

Hi world, and to my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day! Once again, here I am, trying to start thinking about how to put into words another experience, in another country (Cuba), missing the bus. I know I have allowed school to consume me the past three months, but I’m back. When I say back, I am both physically back, home in Halifax for an entire summer (at least that’s the current plan), as well as mentally back, thinking and feeling not only about the everyday norms, but about the world beyond me, dreams, questions, and hopes.

When I was in Ethiopia in the summer of 2013 driving day-after-day on windy mountain roads, I realized I had unfamiliar ideas and wonders that were lurking at the back of my brain. I then thought, hey, I can get to this same mental place all the time. Well, I overestimated myself, because what’s around me consumes me, and that’s not always for the best. Thinking about my future self has been a priority in the last few months, but even with that I have found it hard to focus and let my brain have the time to internally hash out often complex and confusing thoughts.

In 10 Goals, 10 Days In, I said, “I will blog once a week, at the end of the week, and will always post in 500 words or less.” I’ve failed on that commitment, I let the everyday routine and the “busy excuse” win over my attempts to blog, run, think, and even at some points to take the initiative to show the love to the people I care about the most. By no means has it been a bad couple months, really it’s been the opposite. It’s been full of amazing learning opportunities, travel, success academically, work I care about, a surprisingly great result in my first ever half-marathon, and I even lost a student union election while sticking to my morals. Those are all things I may talk more about in posts to come, because I’m back in the world of blogging. I failed to meet my promise made to this blog, and myself, but it’s important to admit – Sometimes We Fail. And that’s ok, it happens to us all, and can provide the best of learning opportunities.

It’s been exactly six months since I dedicated 2014 to Achieving Everyday Awesome. It’s taken me a good long time to bring my blog back, because I have found it hard to admit that I didn’t follow through on my promise I made on those early January days, but here I am, vulnerable, honest, authentic, and excited for what lies ahead.

When was a time for you, when despite your best intentions, you failed?

I caught a bus from Havana to this unmarked spot on the highway, from which it was a 5km walk down semi-paved coastal road to the town of Jibacoa. Luckily, I met a friendly scooter driver who was keen on the idea of Canadian/suitcase/backpack/Cuban balancing acts.

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  1. Grace says:

    ~”because what’s around me consumes me, and that’s not always for the best.”
    Poignant sentence and unfortunately soooo true for some of us; which is perhaps good as it means we are fully present, aware of our immediate situation, for others it means our heads and hearts are somewhere else, we might be “stuck”.
    Blogging takes a lot of time to do well and it can get to be all consuming so don’t be too hard on yourself. Your posts are so well written and they are inspirational. You know what you want and you do something about it. You have goals and you initiate action, take chances. You take responsibility. Those are all leadership traits. Once again, I am glad that the world is in the hands of young adults such as you.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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