2017: A Business Born?

365 days of trying to pull it off. That’s how I view 2017. This is the year where hard work could impact thousands of children. Or I can fail. Sure, there are in-betweens. But honestly, I think it’s pretty binary. We are going for it, making it harder in so many ways because if it all pays off, we could have something really special.

I am coming off a year of living out of my suitcase, a dream year of a job I never could have imagined existing. The suitcase living may only get more intense, but that doesn’t mean this can’t be the year of regular flossing, reading, and being the CEO I need to be.

Success in 2017? Here are the 5 Goals I have to help make it happen.

  1. Build a Movement

I must get my plans and ideas out of my head and more engrained in the hearts and minds of the people important to the success of our work in Liberia. Working on my own, I find it faster and easier to keep it inside. But to expand it all beyond me, I must do more – updates, blog posts, group-based decision making. Really, all this is to say that if I were to get forever lost in the jungle tomorrow, the movement to create nutritious affordable food for children can continue.

  1. Play the CEO part, It’s Time

For a year, it’s just been me. Working with incredible colleagues, yes, but ultimately, me just trying to figure it all out. Now is time when it goes from independent side project to real business. There are a million reasons Liberia won’t work. To push through those, it will require true business leadership. This is the year to prove I have what it takes.

  1. Focus Moments of Fatigue

9pm, in front of my computer, deciding to work. 11pm comes, and what work has been done? Some unconscious Facebook scrolling, maybe 1 or 2 emails, a few articles read. I try to go hard every day, and I get tired. I strive this year to focus these moments of tiredness as moments of inspiration and close the computer – to read, write, or just sit and enjoy a rooftop under the stars.

  1. Stay Conscious

I try to always be all-in in my immediate surroundings. Work, friends, adventures. But I have lost track of time, of the rhythms of birthdays, holidays, and consistent check-ins to let the grandparents know I’m still alive and well. Expressing love and energy to the people not within my immediate every day, that matters.

  1. Finances, Insurance, and Other Such Adulting

I love that in 2016, it became normal that all I needed to function was a computer, toothbrush, and a clean shirt or two. I now strive to maintain this, while making time to truly understand my medical insurance, my finances, and to be conscious of the nutrition (or sometimes lack thereof) that I am putting in my body.


Update: Two months in, #1-4 I’ve nailed. #5, and making the business real, that’s what next.


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  1. Vishal Kumar says:

    This is great brother.
    The bigger the challenge, the tougher the journey, the more you mature you become with the experience. And the result will be successful when your entire heart and head is in the process. I’m so excited about this new business of yours Mr. CEO. Our late nights talks on the train are leading to something this fascinating.

    Keep sharing!

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