Dear 2018, Here Is Who I Want To Be

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure,
you will fail above everyone else’s success.” –James Cameron

Dear 2018:

You were started with incredible friends on a dance floor in southern Sweden. Where I will be at the end of the year? What will my work look like? What part of the world I will be living in? And what happens these 364 days in between? All unknown, but hopefully these 5 characteristics will define my day-to-day.

1. The Provider of Food

The curtain is going up. All the pieces are in place: production facility, food safety procedures, Liberian-made equipment, crops from farmers, beautiful packaging. But can we do it? Feed thousands of kids a day nutritious, delicious food for under 10 cents a serving? I know there will be unforeseen roadblocks that will make it all feel impossible, but we will push on, we have to. Whether we succeed or fail? Stay tuned.

2. The Operator + The Visionary

In 2017, I had to be an operator – hyper-focused on the minuet details as I explored what it takes to build a food system that works in Liberia. This year, I need to balance that detail-focused operator I have become with the high-level strategic thinking and mindless dreaming that has always made me who I am.

3. The Chronicler

2017, I stopped writing. This was partially because of my focus on becoming an Operator, partially because of the ease of sharing quick life updates via Instagram. 2018, 500 words a day. Looking back, when all this is said and done, I want to have a record of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that combine to make up this dream of a life I have been lucky enough to lead the last few years. And be constantly reminding myself that I don’t do any of this for the number of likes or praise from family and friends, but because there is no other way I would rather live my life.

4. The Marathoner

100 Miles a Month? I have flirted with running serious distances for a couple years now. I feel the timing is right (other serious running friends keeping me accountable) and the environment (the beaches & dirt roads of Liberia), to commit to a relationship with running I have always fantasized about. This lust comes from a desire to be able to run for days, with a backpack of essentials, exploring the unknown. Planning an informal marathon in western Liberia in February. The Sierra Leone Marathon in May. Two of hopefully many that make up this year.

5. The Investor

I have become accustomed to choosing immediacy over quality. This has been a trend from my food choices to how I manage my finances. 2018 will be the year I get away from immediacy and instead invest the time to cook, to do robust research before making decisions, and to send postcards to my grandparents.

It’s great to meet you 2018, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

With love from Europe,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gina Bell says:

    Emboldened with an inspiring courage are you, Taylor! May 2018, this year of marathons and visions and writing, realise all of your crazybeautifulimpossibleintopossible dreams and more. You inspire me , kid, to start writing , to think about how to make more concrete my ideals, to be more fully present. Sending you big hugs across the miles as well as wishes for an exciting, meaningful year’s adventure ahead. Xo Ps If you ever want a very life-experienced writer/teacher/cook/gardener who comes with rambunctious child and carpenter for your endeavours, let me know!

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Gina, sending big hugs back your way. As you know, you had a huge role to play 9 years ago that has led to where things are at today. I will let you know, that sounds like quite the multi-talented team 🙂

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